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Escape to the allure of a resettled island

Newfoundland's unique overnight boat tour experience

A Short Voyage Gets You There

Sit back and enjoy the 40-minute cruise through a narrow, sheltered inlet as we make our way to Woody Island Resort. Enjoy the unmatched scenery of Placentia Bay with the towering hills of the Burin Peninsula on one side and Sound Island on the other.

Once you disembark the “Merasheen”, the island becomes your playground. There is lots to see and do and once you get settled in your rooms take advantage of this truly unique opportunity!

A Unique Newfoundland Vacation with Boat Tour

We invite you to step back in time, and experience Newfoundland history firsthand at Woody Island Resort.

Located just two hours outside the hustle and bustle of St. John's and Gander, this rugged, quaint, beautiful island was resettled in the early 1970's. Woody Island Resort offers a vacation destination like no other, and plays host to many Newfoundland traditions such as the iconic kitchen party, sing-a-longs, traditional Newfoundland home cooked meals with toutons, fried cod, and fresh homemade bread. Other activities such as boating, hiking, etc. are also available.

Come experience everything Newfoundland has to offer - all at one destination. The resort's accommodations has 30 bedrooms, 28 bathrooms, dining room/common room, and a friendly staff working to ensure you feel right at home.


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