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Weddings on Woody Island

Have you ever wanted an authentic Newfoundland wedding surrounded by natural beauty. Perhaps you are visiting home from away or just want a retreat wedding for a close group of friends and family. Woody island is the perfect setting for your wedding of up to 60 guests. Woody Island has proven to be a great wedding location and we have had several very successful weddings at the Resort. Woody Island Resort is especially appealing to those who wish to have a small intimate "wedding with a difference".

We offer two Packages, our Two-Day/One-Night package and on occasion a Two-Night/One-Day package. We can accommodate approximately 60 people at Woody Island Resort, but due to Coast Guard Regulations, only 44 can travel on our boat at one time. Therefore, the maximum that we can take on our Two-Day/One-Night trip is 44 people and the maximum that we can take on our Two-Night/One-Day trip is 14/16 people for a combined wedding attendance of 60.

For a wedding of 44 people or less, we would have to pretty well follow the schedule as outlined in our TWO DAY ONE NIGHT Agenda. For a Wedding Party of more than 44, you may have to go with two different packages (44 for the TWO DAY ONE NIGHT package and the remainder for the TWO NIGHT ONE DAY package). Generally, we find that the bride and groom together with the bridal party or some family members will go up on the night before as part of the TWO NIGHT ONE DAY trip, while the remainder will come up the following morning for the TWO DAY ONE NIGHT trip. There may be times on off days that this schedule can be changed slightly. Unfortunately, on weekends or on any day in most of July and August, we would pretty well have to stick to one or both of the schedules outlined above.

What's Included:

Our trips are all inclusive, i.e., boat transportation, all meals and snacks, accommodations based on double occupancy, live entertainment, use of row boats paddle boats and in the case of our Two-Day/One-Night Trip, a trip on the bay and beach picnic on another island, etc., etc. Refreshments are not included and we have a bar on the premises.


The rates quoted on the Agenda/Price List are for our regular trips. However, we have to put significantly more time and effort into weddings and for that reason must charge a slightly higher fee. The amount of this extra fee would depend on a few factors including the number of guests, the day of the week, time of the year, etc. and would normally be between 5 and 15 percent of the posted price on weekdays and from 10 to 20 percent on weekends. From our experience in the past, most guests pay their own way.


If you wish, we can also supply you with the names and contact information of some weddings we have hosted at the Resort in the past and you would be free to contact any of the names on the list as they have already indicated to us that they would be very happy to discuss their wedding experience with you.