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Things To Do


Placentia Bay plays host to a number of different wildlife species including whales and dolphins. Many of our guests on the “Merasheen” have been amazed at the beauty and gracefulness of these creatures. Humpback whales, blue whales and bottle nose dolphins have all passed through our waters. Don't be surprised if you see some on your trip.


Enjoy a good hearty breakfast because you'll need the energy. On Day 2 of your Woody Island Adventure our skipper will take you cruising through Placentia Bay, don't be surprised if you see some whales, dolphins, or even bald eagles! Stay up on the deck or relax in our heated cabins.


A visit to our Store Loft Museum is a must. It has a wide range of Newfoundland artifacts, see how many you can identify! The Store Loft Museum is open all season.


Woody Island Resort offers rowboats for our guests to enjoy. Go for a spin around the harbor or cast a few lines (in season). It's a great way to get some morning exercise or an evening view of the beautiful coastline.


Get ready to party! There will be live entertainment and you can dance the night away or sing along to your heart’s content. You may learn how to do the “Virginia Reel” or you may just wish to sit and relax and listen to the music. Please feel free to take along your own musical instruments and join the “kitchen party.”

At the moment, Covid Regulations state that dancing is not permitted. Live entertainment will still go ahead as usual.


Subject to demand and availability of staff, guided kayaking tours are now available at Woody Island Resort. Every year, Woody Island is the destination for kayakers. Imagine paddling through the beautiful waters of Placentia Bay surrounded by spectacular scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Take some time to examine isolated coves and secluded inlets. Feel the crisp ocean air on your face. If you have never tried kayaking, now is the perfect time.

*Kayaks are available by pay-per-use.


Several scenic isolated coves are within a few minutes walk of the lodges. You can collect sand dollars, explore the tidal zones or just watch the water lap upon the shore.


Woody Island is still a thriving fishing community and a summer home to many of these fishermen, who, along with their families and friends, spend some time on the island each summer. If not too busy, they will share a yarn or fill you in on the history of the island.


Cozy up around a warm bonfire at night underneath the stars. Tell ghost stories or just enjoy the glow of the fire..


There are many species of birds on Woody Island for the avid bird watcher. Whether they are soaring over head or perched in the trees, there's lots to see.