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Edgar Williams was the first Mayor of Woody Island along with councilors being Beaton Williams, Cecil Oliver, Alec Lockyer, James Lockyer and Wilson Williams. The council meetings were held in the basement of Alec Lockyer's home.Alec played a major role in forming the Community Council, which was welcomed by many but opposed by few.

With the formation of the Community Council, came better roads, garbage collection, electricity, and jobs for many of the residents. Everything seemed to be improving, even the transportation and communication system, as more people were having telephones installed. Little did the people of Woody Island know, that with each improvement they were coming closer to the day they would be forced to leave. One of the reasons I say forced to leave is because, I will never forget, one day as a teenager when I was at home alone two men came into our house and took the telephone off the wall. When I asked them why they were doing it, the answer was, "Someday the cable may break and it would cost a lot to repair it!" I thought well at least they could have waited until the cable broke.

However, Woody Island is still a joyful place to be found in the summertime, as many people flock back there to their cabins, summer homes and a tourist home owned and operated by Island Rendezvous.

"Someday the cable may break and it would cost a lot to repair it!"