8 Interesting Facts About Kayaking you May not Know

8 Interesting Facts About Kayaking you May not Know

We have seen a lot of different kinds of wildlife here on Woody Island. As the resort is only accessible by boat, guests sometimes see whales and dolphins before they even reach the island. Dolphins are curious animals and sometimes follow the boat, jumping in and around its waves.

On the island itself, it's not uncommon to see small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels and otters, We have also has a few moose stop by. Moose can swim and take advantage of the islands close proximity to each other to forage for food.

Another attraction on the island, is the selection of birds to see. We often see grouse, ospreys, bald eagles and owls. There are also grey jays. These smart birds have discovered that people are great resources for getting food from, they will even eat straight out of your hand. Grey jays also store food for the winter, maybe that is why they never seem to get full!

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